Keeping fit and healthy during lockdown


Keeping fit and healthy during this crisis is important but it’s often difficult knowing how best to achieve this. Every day we are bombarded with ideas and suggestions. It’s best to try a few different types of exercise and at different times of the day to see what works for you.

Since Common Runners stopped running in March, I’ve been trying a few different ways to keep fit. Below is a round-up of my week that may give you some ideas to keep fit and healthy. Please remember to adapt the sessions to your fitness level and always warm up and stretch after exercise.

MONDAY 30 MARCH: Out early for a one-hour ‘HIIT and run’ workout to improve fitness and speed. I combined a run with short sprints (30sec sprint/30 sec recovery x10) and a mini HIIT circuit (jumping squats, jumping jacks, jumping lunges, high knees for 20 secs/20 sec recovery x2).

TUESDAY 31 MARCH: Out early for a one-hour cycle ride which included some hills (Coombe Lane, Copse Hill, Burghley Road) for a good workout.

WEDNESDAY 1 APRIL: 30 minute run into the Village, around by Wimbledon Tennis, into Southfields before heading home for a 20 minute home work-out from the Running Channel which was excellent and worth subscribing to.

THURSDAY 2 APRIL: Another one-hour cycle ride early in the morning which was refreshing and certainly set me up for the day. This time I headed for Wimbledon Common, through Putney Heath, into Roehampton before heading home.

FRIDAY 3 APRIL: A longer, easy paced 7 mile run this morning where I just thought about nothing in particular but just let my mind wonder. There are definitely some positives to running alone, see Southern Running.

SATURDAY 4 APRIL: Tried Bounce Gym’s virtual HIIT class this morning which was challenging but great. This is the first virtual class that I have tried and I will definitely be coming back for more.

Wishing everyone continued health and happiness over the coming weeks.

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