Pilates courses

pilates with JamesWe organise 4-week pilates courses throughout the year at The Wimbledon Club to help strengthen and prevent running injuries. These courses are on hold until 2021.

If you find that you are prone to running injuries, your muscles feel tight after a run or you’re training for a big race, then our 4-week ‘Pilates for Runners’ course is for you.

The course will focus on exercises that specifically target the areas in the body that become tight from running such as the hips, thighs, hamstring, ankles and more.

Stretching is really important after a run as it helps prevent tightening of muscles, reduces injuries and improves your flexibility.

Whether you are a social runner, or someone who takes running more seriously, this course is suitable. It is taken by a physiotherapist and trained pilates teacher from APPI Health Group in Wimbledon.

Booking a pilates course

A course must be booked and paid for in advance and costs £60 (for 4 weeks). Numbers are restricted to 11 to ensure individual attention.

For more information about our pilates courses, please contact Caroline on 07810 486286 or email info@commonrunners.co.uk.