Running suspended: virtual services offered

Due to the coronavirus, we have stopped all running classes and social runs for now.

On Sunday (9/5/20), the lockdown is lifting slowing and you can now exercise as much as you want to on a daily basis and with up to ONE PERSON from outside your household so long as you maintain social distancing.

Obviously, our group classes will not be operational yet but there is an opportunity to offer one-to-one outdoor run training now. More information will follow.

In the meantime, Common Runners will continue to offer a number of FREE and PAID FOR virtual services until group classes can be resumed. Here’s a reminder of what’s on offer:

1. VIRTUAL SOCIAL – every Tuesday at 8pm (ID & passwords remain the same)

2. COMMON RUNNERS’ FACEBOOK PAGE - with updates & comments

3. A WEEKLY RUNNING SESSION – that includes fitness challenges/exercises plus a warm up & stretching delivered every Monday AM. This has proved popular with many runners as it gives a focus for the week.

4. A WEEKLY UPDATE – that includes monthly challenges, running news, virtual races etc delivered every Friday AM. Again, this has proved popular as it gives you ideas on what to aim for over the month.

5. ONLINE COACHING -  if you are struggling with motivation during this time, then I can create a bespoke programme for you and keep you on track with weekly and monthly check-ins.

6. S&C VIRTUAL CLASSES – every Thursday at 8.30am. These classes, delivered by Bounce Gym, are for Common Runners only and are excellent.


* The virtual social and Facebook page are FREE to all Common Runners
* For £15 per month you can access a weekly running session and Friday update
* Online coaching costs £40 per month to include an initial 1-2-1 consultation, monthly training plan, weekly check-ins, regular progress checks and motivation and monthly 1-2-1 review
* S&C virtual classes cost £40 for a block of 4 classes PLUS access to Bounce Gym classes (6-7 per day)

Wishing you continued health and happiness.

Caroline x

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