5 small running classes

This week I started 5 small running classes on the Common and it was great to be back. It felt that some normality had finally returned – I have missed everyone! The classes went well, we managed to socially distance successfully and fun and laughter was had by all.

We have the following running groups for now with a maximum of 6 runners including me:

  • Monday @8.30am (the old Monday class @9.30am)
  • Tuesday @8.30am (the old Tuesday class @10.30am)
  • Tuesday @7pm  (the old Tuesday class @7pm)
  • Wednesday @9am (the old Tuesday class @9.30am)
  • Friday @8.30am (the old Monday class @10.30am)

At the moment the 5 classes are fairly full but we do have 1 space available in the Friday class. In addition, ad hoc spaces do become available but usually at short notice. Once lockdown lifts further and more people can run together then I will expand the classes accordingly.


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