Social runs: relaxed, enjoyable, for all abilities

2 Running on the common 5 nov 17

Social runs take place every Wednesday at 9.30am (term-time only) on Wimbledon Common and in Richmond Park and are free to those who have booked a beginner or improver runner course. Drop-in sessions are available and cost only £8 – just email

Social run details

If you would like to practice your running steps at your own pace and have a chat and coffee after, then these 2.5k/5K/7.5k/10k social runs are a must!

  • We encourage beginners and improvers to take part and try running as much as possible or at a faster pace for the more experienced runners
  • All abilities and ages are welcome
  • There are two set routes per term to enjoy, completed in one or two loops
  • The groups are small, making the runs ideal for the novice runner

Other social runs

Throughout the year we organise a number of social runs including Secret London Runs, social run challenges in Richmond Park, trail run in Dorking and Christmas Scavenger Hunt Runs which are hugely popular and enjoyable.

For more information about our social runs please contact Caroline on 07810 486286 or email

“As a beginner I have attended the social runs almost every week in addition to my regular Monday class. This has meant that I’m running at least twice a week, enjoying the company of runners from my beginners’ class and other classes as well as the beauty of the Common! Having a second run organised for me meant that I didn’t have to work out my own route or timings or motivate myself on my own.” Helen Jones, voluntary worker, Wimbledon. Read more reviews

248 thoughts on “Social runs: relaxed, enjoyable, for all abilities

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